Pure Strength - Appleton Parks and Recreation

Research has proven that by adding lean muscle to the body you can speed up your metabolism and burn more calories working out and at rest. Through a variety of exercises, this class builds strength in the upper and lower body, while toning the core through the use of a variety of equipment.

AGE: 16+
DAY: Monday
TIME: 6:35-7:20 p.m.
Pierce Park Pavilion, 1035 W. Prospect Ave.  (classes will move inside to City Center Plaza once weather conditions are too cold, determined by APRD staff)
City Center Plaza, 2nd Floor Studios, 100 N. Appleton St.


DatesDayFeeClass #
Fall SessionSeptember 12 – December 22Monday$39 resident/$74 non-resident414414-M1
Winter 1 SessionJanuary 2 – February 16Monday$21resident/$56 non-resident114414-M1
Winter 2 Session February 27 – April 20 Monday $21resident/$56 non-resident114414-M2