Mindfulness - Appleton Parks and Recreation

Life is stressful and uncertain. The world pandemic has wide-ranging effects. Yet even in difficult times, we can cultivate presence, ease, compassion, and gratitude. Mindfulness provides rich inner resources and tools. When we’re mindful, we listen, notice, focus, and create. We are present in our own lives. 

About the Teacher: Joy Jordan is a former statistics professor who left academia to better align her inner and outer lives. Now she teaches meditation and mindfulness. Joy’s classes include active practice, accessible exercises, and heartfelt teachings.

This 5-week course includes meditation instruction and guided practice, avenues to work with difficult emotions, methods for cultivating joy and gratitude, paths to compassion and awareness, and varied suggestions for informal, everyday pauses. The elongated time-frame lets people fully engage and form new habits. It’s possible to boost happiness and reduce stress; it’s possible to slow down and savor life. No experience, fancy equipment, or special clothes needed: show up as-is.

LOCATION: Scheig Center in Appleton Memorial Park (1313 Witzke Blvd)
DAY: Thursdays
TIME: 5:30-6:30 p.m.
DATES: February 9 – March 9, 2023 
FEE: $50
CLASS #: 114715-H1
AGE: 19+

This 3-hour session allows you to slow down, listen inward, and deepen your awareness. The retreat includes seated and lying-down meditation, mindful movement, written reflection, deep listening, and loving-kindness and self-compassion practice. No mindfulness experience required. Wear comfortable clothing and cozy socks. Bring a soft blanket, water bottle, and yoga mat. (If you don’t have a yoga mat, it will be provided for you.) This session is a safe space to practice self-care and awareness. Show up just as you are.

LOCATION: Scheig Center, 1313 E. Witzke Blvd., in Appleton Memorial Park.
DAY: Saturday
TIME: 1:00-4:00pm
DATES: February 25, 2023
FEE: $35
CLASS #: 114715-1S
AGE: 19+