June 21-27: Food Week

Monday, June 22 

Monday Munchies!  Let’s take ants on a log to a whole new level with the Celery Snails and Caterpillars!  Click here for the recipe.

Monday Foodie Game ~ M&M ICE BREAKER/ GET TO KNOW YOU! Grab a handful of colored candy or different foods and look to the chart to see which questions that person will answer. Change the questions up each round to get to know each other better!  Click here for the game board.

Tuesday, June 23

Make your own Chef’s Hat! Let the kids make their own hat so they are ready to help you with today’s recipe!  Download Chef Hat Instructions Here!

Taco Tuesday! Let’s try a new twist on the typical taco with this Texas Style Brisket Taco.  Click here for the recipe.

Tuesday Foodie Game~ SARDINES! One player hides while the others close their eyes and count to 100. When they are done counting they go looking for the one hiding. When someone finds the one hiding, they also hide with them. Each person must find and hide with the others until there is only one person left looking. Then the next sardine is chosen and it starts over again!

Wednesday, June 24

Waffle Wednesday!  Let your creativity come alive.  Click here for the recipe.

Wednesday Foodie Game ~ CAPTURE THE CHICKEN!  Split into two teams with equal sized halves of a play area. The “chicken” is placed near the back of the playing area, or it can be hidden like capture the flag. The opposite team tries to run to the other team’s half to get the chicken without being tagged by the opposing team. There can be a hula hoop or something similar for a safe place for kids to rest. When they get tagged, they must stand in “jail” which is a dedicated space near the chicken. They get out of jail when they are tagged by someone on their team.

Thursday, June 25

Thirsty Thursday!  Classic Lemonade….what could be better on a summer day.  Click here for the recipe.

Food Activities and Education! Check out choosemyplate.gov.  The MyPlate icon is a reminder to make healthy choices from each of the five food groups, and there are many small changes you can make that add up to big success over time.  Here you’ll find fun, practical tips and tools that have worked for other families.  Give some a try, and discover “wins” for your own family.

Thursday Foodie Game ~ PICKLE!  Three players are grouped together with two of the players on a base and one player in between them. The player in the middle tries to run to one base without being tagged by either player on their base. The players on the base pass the ball back and forth trying to tag the player in the middle. When the player in the middle gets to a base or is tagged, the game starts over.

Friday, June 26

Fruity Friday! Healthy Frozen Fruit Bark.  It’s filled with fruit throughout the frozen yogurt. Easy to pick up and nosh.  Click here for the recipe.

Friday Foodie Game~ BANANA TAG! One person is “it” and when they tag a player that player must freeze with their arms over their head like a banana peel. Another player must unfreeze them by peeling their arms like peeling a banana!

Weekly Challenge: