July 5 - July 11: All About Appleton Week

Weekly Challenge: Appleton Photo Contest

What do you love about Appleton?  Where is your favorite place in town?  Who are some of your favorite people past or present from Appleton?  Is there a historical site that has a special meaning?  

We are holding a photo contest during “All about Appleton” week.   The photo contest is a fun way to show your connection with Appleton while having a chance at winning a $20 Appleton Downtown Inc. gift card.  

How it works:

  • Submit your favorite photo starting Saturday, July 4 and concluding on Thursday, July 9 at 5:00 p.m.
  • There are 3 ways to make your submissions:
    • Email your photo to [email protected] 
    • Post your photo as a comment on our Photo Contest Facebook Event
    • Tag Appleton Parks & Rec on Instagram and use the hashtag #AllAboutAppleton
  • Our staff will select the top 4 submissions and post to our Facebook and Instagram pages on Friday July 10 for the public to vote on a winner.
  • Winner will receive a $20 Appleton Downtown Inc. gift card.

We can’t wait to see what you love about Appleton!!

Walk the Fox Trot Trail

Are you looking to get some exercise while learning “All About Appleton?”   One of the many great walks that you can take in the city of Appleton is following the historic Fox Trot Trail.   The scenic two (2) mile loop leads you through Appleton’s downtown and riverfront.  While on the walk you will learn about 16 different spots on the trail.   Each spot has historical significance to the City of Appleton and the Fox River.   Click on the image for the online map and guide.  

Take our Appleton Park Quiz

We are very proud of the rich history of our parks.  How well do you know the history of our parks?  Take our quick 10 question quiz to test your knowledge.   CLICK HERE TO START

Make It A Day Trip!

Planning a fun day staying in Appleton can be as easy as a picnic, walk/run or activity in one (or more) of our parks or trails.   Spending the morning playing Disc Golf or walking a trail and then eating a picnic lunch overlooking some of the great scenery that Appleton has to offer is a delightful way to spend a day.   

Try Disc Golf at either Pierce Park or Telulah Park

Check out the all new playground at Pierce Park

Pretend your putting on a show at the Amphitheater in Jones Park

Stop for a moment to enjoy the scenery at Mayor Woodford’s favorite park Vulcan Heritage Park

Have a picnic on the water at Peabody Park

Bring your basketball and play a game of horse on the new courts at Linwood Park