“Are Your Prepared for the Unexpected?”

Join our task force and discover the items needed to be prepared for a friendly extraterrestrial visit from outerspace.  This fun and educational family scavenger hunt will include emergency management resources to prepare our community on how to be ready for any type of emergency.  



  • Register online HERE to get on the list for the first clue.  Registration is FREE!  (Only 1 registration per family please) You can continue to register even if the program is waitlisted.  Waitlisted participants will not receive an Emergency Go Bag but can still enjoy the fun of the scavenger hunt!
  • The first clue along with scavenger hunt instructions will be emailed starting Sunday, July 19.  The subsequent clues will take you through three designated parks in Appleton.
  • The clues will include riddles and puzzles that will help you determine the location of the next clue.  Make sure to have a smartphone as you will need to scan a QR code when you find the next clue. 
  • The first 250 families that register for this event will receive one Emergency Go Bag*, which includes a drawstring bag, flashlight, first aid kit, poncho, emergency blanket, temperature changing colored pencils, whistle, hand sanitizer and educational material. More information on when to pick up these bags will be determined following the completion of this event. 
  • Remember to follow the “Five to Live By” when out hunting in the parks.
    1. Maintain 6 feet of physical distance from others.

    2. Wash hands regularly. Use hand sanitizer when handwashing isn’t available.
    3. Sanitize frequently touched surfaces.
    4. Wear a face mask when going into public spaces when necessary. 
    5. Do not go out in public if you are sick, and contact your healthcare provider for testing.

* The Emergency Go Bags are provided by the Wisconsin Public Health Preparedness Program that is awarding Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) funding to local public health agencies (LPHAs) for stipends to promote inclusive risk planning for the whole community.  The Visual Communication Tool in the Go Bag is part of the Wisconsin’s Council on Physical Disabilities Be Prepared, Have a Plan: Emergency Preparedness Toolkit.