KidStage® is an after-school drama program that will give children ages 4-12 some experience on stage!  KidStage® kids will work on developing self-confidence and building stage presence through a variety of acting exercises and drama activities with the goal of getting each participant to be loud and proud in a KidStage® Showcase.

At the end of the classes, KidStage® kids have the opportunity to perform in a production. Kids have the opportunity to do it all on stage and off—we’ve had kids as actors, singers, dancers, stage managers, lighting and sound technicians, prop masters and costume designers. Everyone has the opportunity to participate—no one will be left out of the performance!

Participants will be divided into groups based on age and skill level.  At the end of each session a showcase is held at St. Mary Catholic High  School Fine Arts Educational Center.  Showcases are held on the weekend following the end date of the session.  Dress rehearsals will be held on an alternate date of normal class time.  Details of the dress rehearsals and showcase times will be provided by week 5 of the session.

KidStage® Teachers

All classes are taught by trained, experienced instructors whose goal it is to teach your child about the excitement of theatre, and to provide a safe, interesting environment for each student.

Those kids who have the opportunity to participate in the Arts perform better in school and in social environments. You can support your child’s development by supporting their involvement in the Arts!

KidStage is hoping to be back in Spring 2021! Check back for details and dates coming soon!