Dogs and cats are part of the family and being equipped to deliver First Aid to them in an emergency situation is vital. This course will provide you with the basics in CPR and First Aid care to help your furry family member in their time of need.

Topics include how to put together a pet first aid kit and a pet disaster kit; how to take your pet’s basic vital signs (heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature); seizures; hypothermia; heat stroke; shock; bleeding; signs of Infection; burns, poisoning; allergies; dehydration; giving medications; how to perform CPR/rescue breathing; choking; and head to tail weekly health inspections. 

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Pro Pet Hero Completion card digitally sent directly to your email address that will be valid for 2 years.  

This is a great class for all pet owners, pet sitters, and those interested in going into the veterinary field. Please note, no live pets will be present in class. All skills will be performed on pet manikins. Class is open to students 16 years of age and older.   

**Pup Parents, Make sure to sign up for Dog Day at Mead Pool on Saturday, August 17, 2024.  Find all the details HERE!

DATE: Friday, May 3, 2024
TIME: 5:00-8:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Scheig Center, 1313 Witzke Blvd.
FEE: $75
CLASS #: 214201-01