During challenging times, we at APRD want to do our part and continue to be a source of engagement, needed activity & fun for your families.  That is why we are sharing daily ideas, resources and encouragement on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  On this page, we will keep a complete list of the activities we post so you can use as a reference.  Please share with your family and friends.  

A Fun Family Workout is our Activity of the Day.  It’s so important to stay healthy and blow off some extra steam during these times, so why not get the whole family involved by trying out one of these workouts put out by the celebrity trainers at Beachbody.  Make it a part of your day today!  Click here for workout videos!

Our Activity of the Day has two parts.  First, we invite you to join the movement of decorating your front windows to share messages of love and hope.  You can decorate in any way but one of the biggest movements sweeping the country is putting hearts in the window.  This leads us to the second part, where you get out in your neighborhood and become a “Heart Hunter”. See how many homes you can find with hearts decorating their windows!  Click here for a local news story on “Heart Hunting”.

You don’t have to go farther than your own backyard or driveway for today’s Activity of the Day! Pull out any yard games such as croquet or cornhole and put them to use. No games? Make a hopscotch board or just a good old fashioned game of tag! Even better, come up with your own game to play outside.

It’s a beautiful day!  Let’s explore nature around us for our Activity of the Day.  Take this list with you on a walk today and see how many of the items you can find.  Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings as you walk. Isn’t Mother Nature amazing? Click here for a printable version of the list!

Let’s get creative everyone! Today’s challenge is to construct your own obstacle course either indoors or outdoors. Work on strength, balance, and motor skills through this fun and engaging activity. Set it up for you or challenge a family member!

Crank up the music and get moving for today’s activity! Kids, adults, everyone in the house let’s make this happen. Shoot us a picture of what your dance party looks like or let us know what the song was that got you moving today. We especially want to see our Unity Dance Academy students having their dance parties! Special thanks to Ms. Liz and her daughter for getting us started.

We are making it a holiday for today’s Activity of the Day…”Quarantine-oween”! Grab those Halloween costumes and let’s get dressed up. Share of photo of something you did today in your costume. Maybe it’s online learning, working from home, going for a walk. We want to see it and maybe you can find some candy around the house to TREAT yourself with!

We are excited to have are partner, Joy Jordan with Born Joy: Mindfulness, to lead us in our Activity of the Day. During this time of social distance and staying at home, we have a lot of togetherness as families. It’s helpful to have a few mindfulness practices to help out along the way. Joy tailored a short video demonstrating 5 awareness practices. Click here for her video and make sure to come back and take a mindfulness moment whenever you need it!

Today’s activity is educational, active, and fun! Our photo contains a list of activities that correspond to each letter of the alphabet. Spell out your full name and complete the activity for each letter. For more challenges, do family member’s names or favorite characters. You could even do a spelling bee all out of exercises. For a printable version click here.

Nothing could be more yummy then this Activity of the Day! Edible cookie dough is all the rage these days and we found this two minute video on how to make it in four different flavors. Why not make your own flavors with ingredients you have in your house.  Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTywrkAHXdg

We hope that your new schedule includes getting outside each day for some fresh air and exercise. Today we want to you to share something you see while you are out and about. The activity is FREESHOT FRIDAY! Take a picture of something of interest to you such as wildlife, a trail, decorated sidewalk or anything you may find and share it with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Remember all your social distancing recommendations while you are out. We can’t wait to see what you find!

Build a bridge, out of ANYTHING! Books, legos, blocks, straws, toothpicks, get creative!  This is fun for all ages. You could even make it a competition and see how much weight your bridge can hold. Go on and start building!

Encourage kids to come up with an activity all their own… no rules other than fun, no limits other than safety! For inspiration, here’s an idea from our friends at Lincoln Youth Soccer in Portland, OR… “Costume Soccer”! 1 vs 1, painter’s tape goal, while wearing a costume!

This Activity of the Day is perfect for the whole family to get creative and competitive! Each person needs to make a paper airplane and then record how far it flies. Longest flight wins! 

We could all use a little “zen” in our life right now, so for our Activity of the Day, we are recommending you check out Cosmic Kids Yoga. It is yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed especially for kids aged 3+. Check out some of their top yoga adventures including Frozen, Minecraft, Star Wars, and Harry Potter! Show us some of your best poses. Click here to go to Cosmic Kids Yoga. 

We want you to get out outside and spread some kindness for our Activity of the Day! Grab some sidewalk chalk and leave positive messages on your driveway for people to read as they walk by. Let’s work together to share some positivity today!

Let’s get moving for today’s Activity of the Day! Grab a deck of cards and we will turn it into a fun workout. Click here for the instructions. This is perfect for all ages and can be done inside or outdoors. (It may also cover your gym class for the day…😉)

This activity of the day requires one piece of equipment…a balloon! The goal is to see how long you can keep it in the air, or if you have more than one person, play balloon volleyball. Challenge a family member to either of the games and have some fun with it. 

We are sending you another mission…it’s time to build a fort! Transform a space in your home into something special using whatever blankets, sheets, cushions, chairs, etc. that you can find. During these times, having a “hideout” might be exactly what you need!