Toy Ride Along - Appleton Parks and Recreation

WANTED: Toys for Ride Along with the Appleton Police Department!

Appleton Parks and Recreation is once again partnering with the Appleton Police Department for a unique mission that includes your child’s favorite toy!  We are looking for some brave toys who are up for a ride along with some of our Appleton police officers on their day to day duties.  When their mission is complete, you will receive a photo and report of your toy’s experience.  

  • Resident registration opens March 8, 2023 and non-resident registration opens March 22, 2023
  • Register HERE under your child’s name.  One toy per child.  We are accepting the first 50 registrations.  If you had a toy participate last year, please allow for new participants to enjoy this year! 
  • Toys must be dropped off Thursday, April 20 or Friday, April 21 at the Maintenance and Grounds Operation Center at 1819 Witzke Blvd. (Drop off times will be emailed to participants after registration)
  • Toys must fit in a brown paper shopping bag (larger toys will not be accepted as they will hinder the work of our officers) and be brought in labeled with the following information:
    • Toy’s Name
    • Written description of the toy along with something that may stand out such as a ribbon or pin on the toy
    • Contact information including parent’s name, phone number, and email address
  • Toys will be cataloged and brought to the Appleton Police Department for a week long ride along training mission April 24-28. 
  • Toy must be picked up on Wednesday, May 3 or Thursday, May 4. (times will be emailed to participants) at the Maintenance and Ground Operation Center at 1819 Witzke Blvd.