Historical Appleton Scavenger Hunt - Appleton Parks and Recreation


This Historical Appleton Scavenger Hunt is a great way to explore the city and learn about the history that has made Appleton such a great place to live and visit.  You will need a smartphone to complete.  There are 6 total locations and you must solve puzzles to find each location.  

Scavenger Tips:

  • VERY IMPORTANT! – You will be uploading your answers into a google form on your smartphone throughout the hunt.  Make sure to open a new window when looking up clues on your phone, so you don’t lose your progress on your digital form.  
  • Print off the scavenger hunt packet OR bring a notebook/pencil to
    help with the clues
  • Parking is challenging in certain spots, be prepared to walk a couple of blocks
  • Taking a bike is a great way to get to each point, it is roughly a 7-mile round trip on the bike from first location, through the hunt, and then back to the first location.
  • If  you have trouble entering the answer in google forms, make sure to check your spelling and look at the tips for how to write it on the google form
  • HINT -Keep a lookout for historical markers on boulders, signs, and plaques!

Helpful Information: 

  • If you are biking, be sure to change your Google Maps directions to biking rather than driving to give you the best route.
  • In some cases, the directions do not take you to the exact location – you may need to walk around the park or area to find the historical marker.
  • When entering the answer, misspellings or missing words will mark the question wrong – Watch for tips about specific ways to answer questions.