Rob Zimmer is a local speaker, radio host and photographer on the latest in outdoors, gardening, nature and the environment from Nature.  Rob has passion for the outdoors and wants to share his knowledge with others! Listen to Rob weekly on WHBY.

Join us for our Free Nature Presentations at the Scheig Center with Rob Zimmer!

LOCATION:  Scheig Center (1313 Witzke Blvd)
DAY: Wednesdays
DATES: See list of dates below
TIME: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
AGE: 18+ (unless accompanied by an adult)

Upcoming Dates and Topics

Explore the wonders of the winter night as Rob takes you on a virtual tour through the night sky and into the night forest.  Experience the sights and sounds of the winter night and learn how the moon and stars can change your world.

Spring migration is already in full swing and we will take a deeper look at the wonders of these wild journeys, as well as our own yearnings to move. From waterfowl and songbirds to wild sturgeon and monarch butterflies, the journeys are inspiring. There is much we can learn from these incredible migrations.

Many of our spring wildflowers and wildlife wonders of spring are short-lived, or ephemeral, and last for just a brief time each spring season. Rob will highlight these amazing ephemeral wildflowers along with other natural phenomenon that make springtime in Wisconsin amazing. 

Rob will present a fun and educational program on learning how to identify a number of amazing birds, amphibians, insects and other creatures by their incredible vocalizations and song. 

June is Invasive Species Awareness month and Rob will present interesting and educational information on the most threatening invasive species found in our area. Learn how to identify invasive species as well as options for keeping them in check.