August 9 - August 15: Sports Week

UPDATED on 8.11.20
How It Works:
  • On Monday, August 10th, 300 numbered tennis balls will be dropped at 19 different parks throughout Appleton.
  • On Tuesday, August 12th, 200 MORE numbered tennis balls were dropped at Pierce, Telulah, Erb and Memorial Parks!!!
  • Head to the parks and find a ball. *Please think of others when collecting balls, do not hoard balls.  Let’s make this fun for as many people as possible!!  We appreciate your cooperation.*
  • On Wednesday, August 12th at 12:00 p.m., we will draw TWO random numbers between 1 and 500 and post the numbers on our Facebook and Instagram
  • If you are holding one of the lucky balls, YOU WIN!
  • Snap a picture of you holding the winning ball and send it to [email protected] to redeem it for a $20 gift card to Play It Again Sports!
Tennis Ball Trick Shots
You found a ball during the Great Ball Pursuit and are waiting to see if it is a winner, why not video some trick shots with it!  Check out these videos for inspiration.  Tag us on Instagram or post on our Facebook page with your best shot. 
Sports Skills and Drills at Home

Take some time this week to try out these at home sports drills.  Click on the picture to start the drill.  If you want more head to our Sports page in our Virtual Recreation Center here.

APRD Sports Throwback

This week during Sports Week, post a picture on our Facebook or Instagram page with your favorite Appleton Parks and Recreation Department T-Shirt or Jersey.   Were you are great goalie in 3rd grade?  Did you grab all the rebounds in 5th grade?  Or did you have your favorite number when you played for the Appleton Parks and Recreation Department Sports.  Put on that old jersey and share it with us!  Check out Izzy’s throwback, she was crushing it on the flag football field in 2008 and now just finished her fifth summer working for APRD and is off to teach Physical Education in Wilmington, NC. Best of Luck Izzy!!

Decorate those Tennis Balls

So you found the tennis ball at the park, you created a video of a sweet trick shot and shared it, you may or may not have won the gift card in the random drawing, so now what should you do with that ball?  Let’s get creative and make something out of it!  Here’s some ideas to inspire you.  Like always we want to see your talents!  Post a picture on Facebook or tag us on Instagram.