uda logoAcrobatics/Tumbling: Class focuses on tricks, flexibility and body strengthening.  Students learn the fundamentals of movement and timing as well as partner stunts.  The skills learned transfer easily to other activities such as poms and cheerleading.  Advanced Acro placement is by instructor recommendation only.  Flexibility, good cardio and no fear are what drive this level of class!

Ballet: The foundation of all dance forms and essential for reaching one's fullest potential as a dancer.  Body placement, flexibility, balance, strength and technique are achieved through barre and center floor work.  In ballet, students will not only develop grace and poise but the self-discipline needed to excel as a dancer.

Pointe':  Secondary to a minimum of five consecutive years of Ballet Class with a minimum of one year of technique class.  Core strength and ankle strength worked on each class.  Absenteeism must be kept to a minimum because of the technicality of this dance form.  We are happy to assist with testing to be sure this is the appropriate class for your dancer by evaluating against the criteria.

Hip Hop: This is a fun, energetic class combining street dance, hip-hop and jazz.  This style of dance can be seen in music videos.  Class will be tasteful and age appropriate.

Jazz: This exciting, upbeat style emphasizes proper body alignment and clean technique.  Classes include stretch and strength exercise, a barre warm-up, across the floor exercises, combinations and center floor work.  Students will work on body isolations, musicality, and turns, kicks and jumps.  Ballet is strongly recommended as an enhancement to this class and essential for those striving toward the highest level of skill.

Theater Jazz: Jazz dance evoloved in the 1950s into the new, smooth style jass called Theater Jazz.  This is an energetic and fun class that will prepare a dancer in theater jass terminology, the use of theater props, stage makeup and fundamentals of theater.

Lyrical: A fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques.  Movements in lyrical dance are choreographed to show the meaning of the music and are characterized by their grace, emotion and fluidity.  Students are asked to have some background in ballet and jazz.

Tap: This class teaches rhythmic skills, coordination, precision and musicality.  Students will learn tap fundamentals and steps and combinations as well as explore a variety of tap styles.

Stomp It Out: Inspired by the original Stomp UK based group started in the early 90's, this class teaches jazz and percussion basics. Stomp-It Out is a group dance class to enhance the student's rhythmic dance skills and gain confidence in performing. Activities in class will include iconic STOMP props like brooms, drumsticks, and more.

Modern Dance: Modern dance encourages a dancer's own interpretations rather than a structured routine like traditional ballet dancing. The modern dance style favors abstract dance movements that express the dancer's innermost feelings. If you love to dance and enjoy interpreting the music into abstract dance form, then come check out our new Modern Dance class.

Tap/Ballet/Jazz:  In this class we will learn the basic techniques and dance steps for tap, ballet and jazz.  This is a fun opportunity to explore various dance genres while learning how to step to music and learn proper body placement.



Beginner - Beginner 3: No experience to 3 years of experience in specific genre of class looking to participate in.

Intermediate - Intermediate 3: 3 - 5 years of experience in specific genre of class looking to participate in.

Advanced - Advanced 3: 5+ years of experience in specific genre of class looking to participate in.

**NOTE: Some classes are by instructor approval only, i.e.: All Pointe' classes and Advanced Acrobat class.  We are happy to assist with testing to be sure you are registering for the appropriate class for your dancer by evaluating against the criteria.

OTHER DANCE OPTIONS AVAILABLE (Click below for registration details)

Preschool dance and tumbling to include Tap-Ballet-Jazz Intro class and a Tumbling class.

Adult Dance classes available.


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