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uda apparelTAP: Leotard, unitard, or skiny strap top; black yoga pants, capris or dance shorts. Must wear nude convertible tights with dance shorts. Black Tap shoes NO LACES; buttons are required on beginner shoes! Intermediate/Advanced Tappers: oxford leather tap shoe.

JAZZ, HIP-HOP & LYRICAL: Leotard, unitard or skinny strap top; black yoga pants, capris or dance shorts-must wear nude convertible with dance shorts. Black jazz shoes for jazz, black hip hop shoes for hip hop, & nude lyrical sandal for lyrical students. (Beginner hip hop students may wear black jazz shoes)

BALLET: Tights, leotard and optional ballet skirt, pink leather ballet shoes. Intermediate, Advanced & Pointe students must wear a ballet skirt and have hair in a tight bun.

ACROBATICS: Female students are required to wear either a unitard or leotard with shorts. Males may wear a t-shirt and black shorts. Students must be barefoot.

MIDDLE EASTERN DANCE: Fitted tank top or dance top with yoga pants. Foot undies or lyrical sandals are required. Hip wraps recommended.

ALL CLASSES Hair should be tied back for all classes. Shoes are required by the fourth class. Jewelry should be limited. Questions? Ask your teacher or Miss Lisa, 832-3944 or All teachers recommend nude convertible tights as they can be worn for several genres of dance. JEANS, SWEATPANTS, SWEATSHIRTS & T-SHIRTS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

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