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staff picUnity Dance Academy prides itself at being the affordable, family oriented dance studio, where everyone belongs!

Because the majority of the teachers have been students at Unity Dance Academy, we know firsthand what it is like to join something new. We do all we can to make everyone feel welcome. Students will leave their class feeling good about themselves and eager to come back!

Unlike the privately owned studio, we do not do competitions, we do not make demands on our students, and we encourage them to stay in sports and extracurricular school activities in addition to dance! Please take a moment and meet our staff listed below:

Lisa Volkman - Unity Dance, Recreation Program Coordinator

Contact: Miss Lisa at lisa.volkman@appleton.org or 920.832.3944

misslisaAs a third generation dancer, I know the importance of timing, technique and talent. Celebrating my 28th year with Appleton Parks and Recreation Dance-Unity Dance Academy, I continue to get excited preparing for classes to begin! I work with my staff of talented instructors to select just the right music and costumes that will look great on everyone and rally the team to make certain each student shines their brightest! I am always available to parents for questions.

I love getting feedback on improving the program and am full of pride on the changes and accomplishments I have seen over the years. My past students have become my present staff, and their children will become my future. We have built a family based on similar interest, morals and philosophy.

Beside the schedules of classes based on what is current and relevant, I size and order all the costumes. I work in the community to get our students involved with events like the Christmas parade, Playground Fair and the Appleton Kids Fun Runs.

Dance is an art form for the masses. Dance can be performed at any age. We are only limited by ourselves. I live life without limits!


Department Contact:
Phone: (920) 832-5905
Fax: (920) 993-3103

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100 N. Appleton St.

Appleton, WI 54911




Office: Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


"Building communities and enriching lives where we live, work and play."

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