Parkour Classes

parkourDiscover your potential through the exploration and practice of Parkour. Known as the Art of Movement you will be able to run faster, jump farther and climb higher with this challenging, progressive discipline. This workshop will give you a look into the fastest growing free sport in the world!

Parkour, or l'art du deplacement (sometimes referred to as freerunning), is a challenging, demanding physical discipline to train the body to overcome any obstacle quickly, efficiently, and safely. It has recently been featured in movies, commercials, and television; but more than that it is a discipline that emerged from French military and firefighter training. Learn to vault over railings, climb walls, navigate any terrain using your own body, and strengthen your mind and spirit in this challenging class. To learn more about Wisconsin Parkour visit

LOCATION: Pierce Park Pavilion

PROGRAM FEE: $20/resident, $45/non-resident

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Instructor: James Rivard


Department Contact:
Phone: (920) 832-5905
Fax: (920) 993-3103

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