Mod Minecraft with Backyard Hackers

MinecraftBackyard Hackers is a seasonal program that offers a variety of code-based classes sure to stimulate your child's mind!  From beginner level classes to more advanced game and mod by coding classes, there is something for everyone!

Run entirely by local school teacher John Hendrick, Backyard Hackers teaches computer science through the creation of fun games and projects. The classes introduce Java programming, Minecraft, role-playing video games, and the Unity game engine.  Class content is age appropriate, serving kids as young as 6, up through high school age.  These opportunities increase a child's comfort with computer science, helping them feel confident enough to continue to explore CS in high school and beyond.  With a focus on creating games, kids remain more engaged, by focusing on the fun things they can do through coding.

"These classes are the best thing I do all summer." - Patrick, Age 12

"The excitement and energy is palpable during the classes.  Kids bounce in, excited to find out what's next.  I know that we'll be able to continue to give them something to look forward to in future summers." - John Hendrick, Founder / Instructor

Ready to become a Backyard Hacker? See full class details and register online here!


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