Houdini Plaza

Houdini Plaza is located at 100 W. Lawrence Street. Developed in the 1980's as an open green space in the center of downtown Appleton. Throughout the years Houdini Plaza has become the host for several events and activities such as the Appleton Farmers Market, Summer Concert Series, Octoberfest, etc.  

In 2013, Houdini Plaza went under construction for a complete redsign to make it the premier multi-use urban plaza in Appleton.

The redesign of the Plaza takes full advantage of many of the new improvements that have occurred over the past two years. The significant addition to the Trout Museum established a contemporary style for the Plaza and a clear geometry to utilize in the layout of the space.

From a program standpoint, the Plaza is designed to balance appearance, pedestrian hospitality, and special events staging while accommodating service (emergency/maintenance) access.

New Houdini Plaza 2013 map diagram


One of the most noticeable new features of Houdini Plaza is the illuminated fountain and column, that provides stylish seatwalls and paving patterns welcome visitors and residents into the site to sit, relax, or enjoy an event.

Throughout the plaza you will find illuminated benches, lawn areas, and a raised terrace with tables and chairs that is also utilized as a stage for performances.

Houdini Tower is one of the focal points of Houdini Plaza. The 12-panel design holds images that detail the history of Appleton, highlight works by local artists and photographers that tie in with events, activities, history and the rich culture of the Fox Valley.  Read more about the artist, Thomas M. Dietrich and his selections by clicking here

Houdini Plaza
100 W. Lawrence Street
Appleton, WI 54911


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