Roof, Lighting & Hardscape Improvements

Park Pavilions Roof Projects

Appleton Parks Recreation and Facilities Management will be managing the re-roofing several park pavilions/park buildings this year. The current roofs on these buildings are reaching the end of their expected life and are in need of replacement.  Each roof is inspected annually and repairs or replacement are completed as necessary. The buildings that will be re-roofed this year include: Peabody Park pavilion, Green Meadows Park pavilion and small shelter building, Union Springs well house, Colony Oaks Park pavilion, Alicia Park pavilion, Kiwanis Park pavilion, Pierce Park small shelter and storage building.

Colony Oaks, Alicia, Kiwanis, Pierce, Green Meados, Peabody and Unions Springs are complete.

Repainting of the gazebo at Lutz Park is also planned for Fall of 2016.lutzgazebo

New Lighting at City Park

Appleton Parks Recreation and Facilities Management department will be managing the installation of new energy efficient LED lighting throughout the City of Appleton's parks. This is a multi-year project that will address the existing inefficient lighting fixtures and will deal with improving light levels throughout each the parks to increase security while minimizing light pollution. The first phase of the project will address the lighting at City Park. Project is currently ongoing and the anticipated completion date is November 18. The new lighting fixtures for this project will be architecturally designed to complement each park and the surrounding neighborhood.

Appleton Parks, Recreation and Facilities Management asks the publc to please not walk through the construction areaa as this is very dangerous with moving equipment and open holes.  Please walk around the fenced off area. Thank you.

Hardscape Improvements

ADA telAppleton Park,  Recreation and Facilities Management will be repairing roads, sidewalks, and parking lots at Pierce Park, Kiwanis Park, and Schaefer Park this year. This project will address failing concrete and asphalt areas within the listed parks. Repairs will also be taking place on some of the sidewalks within City Park to address ADA noncompliance issues.

Pierce Park project is near completion and the contractor plans to move to Schaefer and Kiwanis Parks if the nice weather holds out.

Telulah Park playground area walkways were also redone in concrete during August of 2016 to improve ADA accessibility.


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