Neighborhood Parks


The City of Appleton has 24 neighborhood parks within its park system. The parks generally range in size from approximately two acres to 16 acres. These parks are designed to provide a combination of active and passive facilities with a service area radius of approximately one-half mile. Facilities in neighborhood parks may include open play areas, playgrounds, restrooms/pavilion, and picnic areas.

Alicia Park Pavilion Arbutus Playground City Park Pavilion 2.jpg Colony Oaks Volleyball Court
Alicia Park Arbutus Park City Park Colony Oaks Park
Derks Park Playground 2.jpg Einstein Park IMG_0206.JPG Highview Park Pavilion.JPG
Derks Park Einstein Park Green Meadows Park Highview Park
Hoover Park Pavilion.JPG Jaycee Park Pavilion.JPG Jones Park Overlook.jpg Kiwanis Park Pavilion2.JPG
Hoover Park Jaycee Park Jones Park Kiwanis Park
Linwood Park during Fall.jpg Lions Park Sign.JPG Lutz Park Fishing Pier 1.jpg Mead Park
Linwood Park Lions Park Lutz Park Mead Park
Peabody Park Swing and Water.jpg Providence Park Playground 1.jpg Schaefer Park Pavilion.JPG Summit Park Sign.JPG
Peabody Park Providence Park Schaefer Park Summit Park
Union Spring Park Veterans Park Sign.JPG Vosters Park Playground 2.jpg Vulcan Heritage Park Green Space with Bridge.jpg
Union Springs Park Veterans Park Vosters Park Vulcan Heritage Park
Woodland Park Sign.JPG
Woodland Park

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Appleton Area Parks and Trails


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